First Time Setup and Pairing

Because the AXS dropper system is wireless (one if its primary benefits!), the lever and dropper must be paired prior to use. The seatpost can be paired with the included lever or a SRAM blipbox[1] or drop bar levers[1]

The following provides steps to pair the dropper to the included lever or a blipbox[1]. More than one set of levers or drop bar levers can be paired and managed with the post using the SRAM AXS phone app.

See Pair with the App for more on using your dropper with the SRAM app.

Pair with the Included Lever (or a blipbox[1])

  1. Press and hold the AXS button at the top of the seatpost until the LED slowly blinks.
  2. Press and hold the small button on the bottom of the lever (or blipbox) until its LED quickly blinks.
  3. Press and quickly release the AXS button at the top of the seatpost to finish pairing.

[1] Purchased separately.