Pair with the App

You can pair your AXS Reverb dropper seatpost to your phone using SRAM's app. Pairing is not necessary, but can come in handy in a few specific situations. Pairing allows you to:

  • Pair drop-bar levers or multiple levers to a single post
  • View the post and lever remaining battery indicators.
  • Update the dropper's firmware (I don't think the firmware is updated often, but may come in handy at some point to gain any new features on how the post connects/works).

Pair the AXS Reverb Dropper with a Smartphone

The following steps are for iOS on an iPhone. Android steps should be similar, but may not be exactly the same.

  1. Download and install the SRAM AXS app.
  2. Tap the plus sign to add a new bike.
  3. Give the bike a name and tap Save Bike.
  4. Tap Search for Parts.
  5. Press and hold the AXS button on the dropper to put it in pairing mode. Tap Authorize in the app.
  6. If needed, tap
  7. The dropper and lever should appear in the list. Tap Add to Bike.
  8. Select the desired bike.
  9. The dropper and lever will appears as components on the bike, showing their battery levels.
  10. Tap System Options to further configure lever options (ie. pairing multiple levers to the same dropper), if needed.
  11. Tap an individual item to view and update its firmware.