written by

Brian Reyman


August 31, 2021

The How-to That Started it All

One day, not long ago I was attempting to pair my new electronic piano with my Mac to create some digital music. I had the hardest time doing so, despite being tech savvy. I figured it out, but at the expense of an entire Saturday morning.

I was so frustrated with the lack of good documentation from the keyboard’s manufacturer, I decided to create a short video on the process to put it out into the world. My personal YouTube channel is a mismash of random videos testing out various ideas, spanning over a decade, none of which have many views. I didn’t expect this particular video to do any better - I just knew it had to be made for my own sanity.

After posting the video, I watched it slowly accumulate some views and then suddenly spike to over a thousand views in under a month. It’s continued on that trajectory ever since. A single, out of place video, explaining how to pair a particular electronic piano model to a Mac over Bluetooth.

Reflecting on that odd outcome led me to create this site - a place to house a common-sense collection of how to use various products. Some may provide useful to others - all are ones I regularly use and, similar to that electronic keyboard, are things I want to get out of my head and share with the world. I hope you find some benefit in them, too.

And, if you’re interested, this is the very first. The how-to video that started it all.