Monitoring Screens

When used with a Garmin Edge 830 or 1030 device[1] the Varia provides a Widget screen to monitor and quickly change settings during a ride.

The screen allows you to do the following during a ride:

  • View battery life
  • Override the active light mode
  • Access the light/radar settings screens

This screen is very handy for quick updates during a ride. I use it most to check the battery and to quickly swap the light mode, usually to set Off when running low on battery. Doing so turns off the light but leaves the radar on so I can still see oncoming traffic. In this "low power" mode, the radar will continue to run for quite a while.

How to Use with a Garmin Edge 830/1030

  1. Ensure an activity is running/recording.
  2. Swipe down from the top edge of the screen.
  3. Select the left/right buttons at the bottom until the Light Mode screen is showing.
  4. Select the left/right buttons at the top of the screen to change the primary Light Mode.
  5. Select a Taillight option to override the currently-set light mode.
    • When an override is set, select Cancel Override to remove it.
  6. Tap the settings icon to enter the Varia's Light Network screen to adjust any other settings.
  7. View the remaining battery via the battery indicator at the bottom of the screen.

Enable/Disable the Light Widget

You can enable or disable the monitoring Light Widget.

  1. Select the three bar icon at the bottom.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Widget Management.
  4. Select Light to enable/disable.

[1] The Garmin Edge 530/earlier and Wahoo units do not support a live monitoring mode.