Maintenance and Repairs

Regular Maintenance

The most important maintenance is to wipe down the post frequently (ideally after each ride where it gets dirty) with a soft, dry (or very lightly damp) rag. Because the post frequently moves up down past its dust seals, keeping the exposed section clean and dry will have the biggest impact in extending the life of the dropper and in decreasing the amount of maintenance described below.

In addition, RockShox recommends performing regular maintenance at the intervals below. This site does not cover the details needed for this - refer to SRAM's website or your local bike shop for more.

  • Every 50 Hours: Collar/Wiper Seal / Upper Post grease
  • Every 200 Hours: Collar/Wiper Seal and Bushing Replacement
  • Every 600 Hours: Complete Service

Fix a Squishy Seatpost Feeling

Occasionally, air and oil can become mixed a bit inside the seatpost. That results in the seat feeling a bit "squishy" - or not holding in place firmly (bobbing up and down slightly when pressure is applied).

To fix it:

  1. Return the seatpost to its full height.
  2. Take the seatpost out of the bike.
  3. Turn it upside down and place it on a hard surface, like a workbench, saddle-end down.
  4. Using the red Valve Vent Tool that came with the seatpost, press the vent valve (the valve at the bottom of the seatpost).
  5. Grasping the seatpost just below the valve, slowly and firmly press it down until you feel a hard stop. Hold it in place for 2 seconds.
  6. Release your pressure on the seatpost, remove the Valve Vent Tool, and press the AXS button near the battery to close the valve.
  7. Put the seatpost back in the bike to the desired length/settings.

Or watch SRAM's excellent repair video.

[1] Most any shock pump will do. This is my personal favorite.